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Insight Scans

In record time (usually less than 24 hrs) we provide timely authoritative signals, trends and adjacent ideas around any topic. See a sample scan here.

Engage this service when you or team is...


  • Is sprinting

  • Exploring intersections (e.g., tech + trend + region)

  • Needing a boost of inspiration

News Feeds

The world moves fast and it's getting faster daily. We have 1000s of trade pub news feeds we index and curate to fit your team's specific innovation needs. Delivered via email or direct to your internal collaboration center, we can keep your team's hive mind buzzing with fresh ideas.


  • Weekly

  • Twice Weekly

  • Daily

Innovation Research for Teams

(1/2 day remote)

Learn how your team can consistently make sense of  the complex turbulent space of technologies, business models and mega trends. Make it a team muscle identify insights that support the framing of strategic innovation.​

Who Can Benefit?

This workshop is ideal for management or leadership teams charged with delivering 'out-of-the-box' thinking and fresh ideas to their business units.

Key Learnings / Outcomes

  • How cognitive biases inhibit genuine innovation

  • Specific tools for teams to defeat biases and engage the their collective hive mind

  • Learn where AI can help, and where it can hinder

  • Play some collective sensemaking games

  • Get hands-on with visual tools and methods

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