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Fast Innovation Research

In record time, our deliverable provides timely insights into authoritative voices, new trends, startups and business models around topic or domain of inquiry. See a sample of our work here.

Engage this service when you or team is...


  • Opening opportunity discovery during design sprints

  • Identifying  key authoritative voices/experts

  • Exploring intersections of new technology

  • Gathering competitive intelligence

  • Supporting a pitch deck with solid facts

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Fast Scan




Learn how to be your own infoDJ with these two offerings. The first is a 90-min introduction to the tools/techniques of open web curation, and the second provides a complete 1/2 day learning experience for your whole team to 'swarm' on a research objective.

Take advantage of these trainings when...


  • In-house research needs a boost of energy

  • Innovation teams are looking for fresh ideas

  • Kicking off a new initiative for team alignment

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