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Fresh Insights Fast

In record time, our deliverable provides timely authoritative signals, trends and adjacencies around a topic or domain. See a sample scan here.

Engage this service when you or team is...


  • In a rush

  • Exploring intersections (e.g., tech + trend + region)

  • Needing a fresh boost of inspiration

Innovation Workshop (1/2 day remote)

Learn how to consistently identify fresh insights that support the framing of strategic innovation.​

Who Is It For?

This workshop is ideal for management or leadership teams charged with delivering 'out-of-the-box' thinking and fresh ideas to their business units

Key Learnings / Outcomes

  • How cognitive biases inhibit genuine innovation

  • Specific tools and heuristics to defeat biases and engage the team's hive mind

  • Where AI can help, and where AI can hinder innovation

  • Collective sensemaking games

  • Visual tools and storytelling methods

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