Sprint Research Services

Created in hours, and rendered on visual boards, our deliverables provide timely insights into authoritative voices, new trends, startups and business models to support your innovation projects.

Engage our research services when...


  • Opening opportunity areas during design sprints

  • Identifying  key authoritative voices/experts

  • Exploring intersections of new technology

  • Gathering competitive intelligence

  • Supporting a white paper with fresh data

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Custom News Feeds


Powered by a proprietary backend of databases and worker-bee 'DJs', our feeds can be tuned to your workgroup's need.

Take advantage of feeds when...


  • Early in a sprint to feed category-opening themes to teams

  • Mid-sprint as teams are pivoting

  • Post sprint, teams want to stay on top of changes

  • Supporting a sales team with value-added information to engage prospects

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