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The Origin Story


Begun as an experiment in 2020 by Curtis Michelson while helping one of his clients explore future strategic opportunities. The  hypothesis - we might accelerate the sprint teams by injecting Gary Price as a just-in-time resource. It worked. Teams found the so-called "Gary Scans" timely and helpful. The kernel was there. 

We now support enterprise innovation teams and consultancies on their  design sprints, specifically those pursuing adjacent and disruptive business models.


We have honed a unique proprietary process powered by a global team of librarians and researchers that gets reliable insights quickly.

Why the name "infoDJ"?


As very different co-founders, Gary and Curtis share a common passion - nerds for for all things music. They appreciate many of the same bands and music genres. From Steely Dan to Kate Bush, and of course, geeky music metadata! 


When not chasing down the latest breaking news from a trade publication or curating from vast stores of academic databases, Gary and Curtis are likely playing "name that tune" to see who can nail a song in the fewest notes. Truth told, Gary almost always wins. Even though Curtis is a drummer and former music student, Gary was once upon a time a radio DJ.


For all these reasons, the name infoDJ seemed about right, for now.

Gary Price

Bringing 25 years of library science and academic research experience, Gary is delighted to serve the global innovation community with the 'news they can use'. 

He is the author of the 2001 book "Invisible Web", curator of ARL's Day In Reviewcreator of INFOdocket and a frequent commentator on issues of search, open access and the enduring role of libraries in the information age. Gary has a library science degree from Wayne St. University located only blocks from the legendary West Grand Boulevard home of Motown Records. 


His abiding interest is to index and share the vastly under utilized open data and trustworthy information hidden in plain sight.

Curtis Michelson

For over 15 years, Curtis has been helping clients to envision and build more impactful and innovative products, services and business models.  

He is an enterprise design coach, agile transformation facilitator and the founder of Minds Alert.

In his  own words, "as innovators, we must quickly identify and connect relevant trends, learn just-enough about some technologies and then spot some emerging business design pattern. In a word, we need lean research that we can fold into our design sprints."

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