What our clients are saying

Trustworthy information

"When I’m researching specific themes for client projects, it’s always a big challenge to get relevant and focused results from Google. The InfoDJs found some highly original and credible reports that were exactly what I was looking for, saving me a lot of time and frustration."

–Niall McDonagh (NRL Consulting)

Timely Findings

"Your service was fast, responsive & provided reliable results 20x faster than I could have found that info"

–Amanda Hawkins (Ursus USA

Less Noise, More Signal

"The DJs curated very unique content suited to our client’s growth objectives and concerns, empowering us to have more meaningful conversations that added a lot of value. Highly recommended."

–Michael Graber (Southern Growth Studio)

The Right Process

"The DJs deliver. I have leveraged countless research services in my career and I typically I dread the process. The speed, accuracy and ease of working with the DJs is unmatched."

–Kelly O'Connell (OnItsAxis)