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Some of our Clients

Recent Testimonials

"The InfoDJs found some highly original and credible reports that were exactly what I was looking for, saving me a lot of time and frustration."

–Niall McDonagh (NRL Consulting)

"Your service was fast, responsive & provided reliable results 20x faster than I could have found that info"

–Amanda Hawkins (Ursus USA) 

"A note to say huge thanks for the amazing support during our recent sprint. The team said you were one of the highlights of the sprint for them. They have a strengthened research toolkit to serve them well in the future."

–Coach Sophie Krantz (ExO.Works)


"You really helped us see the landscape on those just-in-time Miro boards during our sprint. It helped my team not waste time on a search rabbit hole, and helped them avoid prematurely validating just one single value prop."

–Coach Carmen Lam (ExO.Works) 

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